Founded in 2020 during very difficult times, Coffefe is a specialty coffee shop and all round delicious coffee destination.

Our small coffee counter in the back of a lifestyle shop.

Today Coffefe unique “Coffee n Chill” message has expanded throughout Johannesburg and beyond with more sites planned in the year ahead.


Our 15kg Roaster is housed adjacent to our coffee shop where we roast our green beans from all around the globe for our own use and wholesale. Popular blends included our North and Central American blends together with our Single origin blends. Our decaf coffee is world class and always in stock.


We don’t see coffee as just a caffeine supplement, but as something delicious that should be savoured and enjoyed. Our Baristas ‘dial-in’ our coffees every morning by adjusting the grind, modifying and altering the day’s brewing specification to optimise the espresso, and to ensure the best cup of coffee is served each and every time.


More than a homegrown brand, Coffefe is a coffee focused, fun loving space with distinctive design. As an all-encompassing coffee experience, our beans are roasted in-house to create our signature blends in addition to premium single origin varieties.